Garden Waterfalls

Unwind to the soft sound of falling water

On some white noise websites, a soundtrack of falling water is provided so that the listener can relax naturally and let go of stress. Backyard waterfalls are an ideal feature for a calming garden sanctuary. The refreshing water and rushing sounds cool even the hottest summer day and soothe the soul so that you can fall into deep meditation or take an afternoon catnap under the trees.

Backyard waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes. You can get a wall-mountable fountain that will provide a light trickling sound or build a huge rock waterfall as part of a swimming pool or pond. You can even get a multi-tiered waterfall that's reminiscent of Rome 's Trevi fountains with all kinds of sculptures, ornate decorations and falling water everywhere.

Waterfalls are often part of ponds and luxury swimming pools. There are several online companies that sell artificial rock waterfalls in order for consumers to create grottoes, lagoons and caves around their pools and ponds.

Garden waterfalls come in kits that include a submersible pump and tubing. Most waterfalls are electric, and you plug them into a 110-volt outlet. A freestanding waterfall will come with stone, polyresin or ceramic rocks that you can either build a structure with yourself or come pre-assembled. If you have existing statues or a bird bath, you can buy fountain kits that will turn your piece into a waterfall or fountain, or you can run some rock waterfalls from a pool pump.

You can use a waterfall outdoors as a relaxing part of your garden retreat or take it inside to carry the peaceful sound of the rushing water through the winter. If your waterfall is going to be a permanent outdoor fixture and you live in a cold climate, make sure that you disconnect the pump through the winter. This will ensure that bits of ice won't freeze in the pipes and damage the water system.

Since small birds and animals like waterfalls because they provide a fresh, clean water source, you can seal your waterfall and watch them drink out of the basin through the winter. If you're an animal or bird lover, you can even include a pond heater in one tier or part of your waterfall to make sure that the little visitors to your garden always have fresh water at their disposal.

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