Garden Ponds

Add a little water to your garden

If you want to start a new hobby, enjoy the wildlife or create a new type of garden, a garden pond can be the perfect solution for you. Though they can be expensive, garden ponds are living organisms that support a variety of plants and wildlife. They afford the gardener a chance to really test their skills, bring new decor into the backyard and enjoy the fun of installing and maintaining a water garden that will last for years.

Garden ponds range from small basins of water to almost full-scale recreations of a wetland pond, complete with animal, vegetable and mineral. Because a pond is an ecosystem that can ultimately support itself, you will need to consider exactly how much work you want to do to maintain your pond.


Garden Ponds
  • The size of your pond. Do you want a small, easy-to-maintain aquarium-like mold, or do you feel up to looking after a large pond that will support lots of nature? Also consider the size of your yard.
  • Your pond's features. Do you want a pond that has fountains or planters?
  • Where you will install your pond. Make sure that you know your city's safety bylaws for installing water features in your yard - you may require a permit. Expect to put up a fence to keep wandering animals and children out.
  • If your pond will be a water garden and what that will require.
  • Your commitment to making sure that your pond will be a proper environment for any life it will have to sustain. If you don't look after your pond, your investment will go to waste. Any pond will need regular maintenance to control algae and common pond weeds like duckweed. You may also use a pond filter if you want the water to stay crystal clear.
  • Your budget. Ponds can be very expensive and will require almost a constant flow of money to buy equipment to maintain it. For example, you might need to buy a replacement pond liner if yours starts to leak, or special chemicals to make sure that pond algae doesn't take over your whole water garden.

Garden ponds add a lot of life and interest to a yard, not to mention beauty. You can get a pond starter kit that will include the basin, the pond pump, tubing and electrical equipment. However, if you don't know how to install your pond, you should hire a pond construction expert. Often, ponds will include add-on basins and channel equipment to turn your whole backyard into a water garden, if you so wish. Lighting throughout your pond system can create a spectacular effect.

To really create a pond effect, you will also need to get lining, rocks and gravel, and plants. If you want, you can include some fish in your pond. A good sort of pond fish is koi, or big goldfish, because this species will only grow to the size of the basin. If you are going to have fish, make sure you also purchase an algae-eating snail to ensure that your fish and pond stay healthy. Do your research so that you know what kind of food your fish will need, how often to change the water and what types of fish will live harmoniously together, if you are going to have more than one kind of fish. Also make sure that you have the proper pond accessories, including a pond skimmer and filtration system, to keep your new pets healthy.

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