Garden Fountains

A little bit of elegance for your garden

If you can't afford to build a garden pond or waterfall, why not add water to your garden by getting a fountain? You can still have the relaxing sound of rushing water on a hot summer day without breaking the bank in most cases.

Fountains are wonderful additions to any yard, be they big or small. They don't only add to your relaxing oasis; they also provide a much-needed water source for the other inhabitants of your garden - birds and animals.

When you think of a fountain, you may think of a large, imposing affair with twenty jets of water shooting in all directions. In reality, a fountain can be small enough to sit on a table on your balcony, or hang on your garden wall. If you want to go all out, you can build your own masterpiece out of bronze or marble that will have sumptuous statuary and display as many jets as it takes to make an objet d'art out of the water.

A outdoor or indoor tabletop fountain can be compared to a mini Zen garden, which can be self-built or erected from a kit. You can make your own by getting a waterproofed shallow container, adding some artificial rocks, a pumping mechanism and some plants. If you wish, you can include a little sculpture and some bamboo to really make the good energy flow! Tabletop fountains can be included in an arbor or simply on a porch side table so that you can have water anywhere you want to sit. To create a dramatic effect, why not include some lighting in the form of tea lights or small LED lights? Any online retailer will carry special fountain lights for your pleasure.

If you want to build a larger fountain as part of an existing pond system or just to add some refinement to your garden, a freestanding model will not only make your garden amazing, but also provide a running water source for birds and animals who may visit your little paradise. Larger fountains can be freestanding or ornament a bird bath or pond.

Consider whether or not your fountain is going to be a permanent fixture in your yard. If it is, you should build it out of bronze. Concrete and marble will crack in below-freezing temperatures, but bronze holds up well in any weather and requires little maintenance. If you live in a more moderate climate, you can get away with stone, but make sure to practice good statue care in order to keep your fountain running well in all weathers. Don't forget, you can also install indoor water fountains to dress up your home and bring the sound of water inside. Interior fountains add elegance to any room!

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