Garden Bridges

Bridge the gap to paradise

If you want to make your garden a little more charming than it already is, a garden bridge is a wonderful feature for any yard, especially when it spans over a series of ponds or waterfalls. To stand on a bridge and stare into the calm waters of your pond or survey your flowerbeds from a higher point can be very relaxing and definitely satisfying.

Bridges create a sense of romance that can be increased when you add a pathway of decorative stepping stonesor have them lead to different arbors. Altogether, it's the perfect place for a leisurely stroll, to admire the beauty of your lawn and garden.

Bridges, functional and decorative pieces of decor, are often used to extend a pathway over waterfalls or ponds, but many people use bridges to give visitors a step up over muddy or boggy parts of their gardens. You can even install a bridge for purely decorative purposes, letting flowers and plants climb attractively over it to create a focal point in your garden.

A popular place to put a bridge is between trees or shrubs. It makes a garden a more interactive place to be, letting visitors go through your flowerbeds without ruining your hard work.

Bridges are normally made of natural lumber, teak or redwood and are priced according to the number of rails and palings they have. However, you don't have to buy a bridge to get one in your garden - why not build your own? There are many styles of bridges that can be built out of bamboo or even brick. If you want to go extra-fancy, you can get bridges that are made out of wrought-iron or steel mesh, but be careful; these bridges are very slippery when wet, so watch your step when crossing after a rainstorm or other extra-exuberant water features like elaborate fountains.

When you get your bridge, it will come in a kit that will include pre-cut, pre-drilled wood pieces and a set of instructions. Make sure to measure your space correctly and find out whether the manufacturer's measurements mean the entire length of the bridge itself or just the span. Most will include both measurements, but do your research so that you don't have a bridge that's too short for your space.

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