Water Features

Adding a splash to your garden

Water features are a great way to enhance the overall look and feel of your garden. They not only enhance the natural elements of your garden, they also incorporate peaceful sounds of nature that can help you relax after a hard day.

Water structures can be simple water fountains meant to provide calming and soothing sounds at any time of the day or they can be therapeutic wading pools meant to refresh hot, swollen feet on a blistering summer afternoon. Depending on what you want, you can get a water feature to match any theme you have in your garden.

There are a number water features that can be incorporated into the design of your water gardens. If you're worried about investing a lot into your garden, just remember that a well-landscaped and designed garden can add a lot of value to your house. If you are willing to invest the time and money into these features, they have the ability to completely change the appearance of your garden for the better.

Waterfalls and the smaller, simpler water fountains are becoming an increasingly popular choice when it comes to garden design. This type of garden accessory adds elegance to your garden while providing a place for birds and other animals to play. Waterfalls are often considered a status symbol of wealth because of their high operational costs, but they can really set off a garden, especially a pool area.

Often used as a base for waterfalls, garden ponds are also on the upward climb when it comes to the popularity of garden features. Garden ponds are becoming more and more popular in today's modern homes and are available in a number of shapes and sizes. These, like most other water features, also require a great deal of maintenance.

Incorporating a bridge into the setting of your garden pond is a great way to enhance the appearance and value of your garden design. A bridge is an attention grabber and is also a great way to cut the distance around a large pond. Garden bridges can provide a wonderful pathway through your flowers as well as allow you to stand over your pond and gaze into the water or around your yard. Pond bridges are very popular elements, and critical if you're designing a Japanese Zen Garden. You can even include a Japanese garden lantern for a dramatic flair.

Water features have become, and will continue to be, one of the strongest features when it comes to the design of today's gardens.

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