Patio Furniture Cushions

Comfort and style for your patio furniture

As summer days draw closer, more people are choosing to spend their days in the beauty of their own backyard. Deck parties and barbecues become more frequent, and more people find themselves sitting on hard patio furniture instead of their comfortable couches and armchairs.

Spending your afternoons and evenings on your patio or deck doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your bodily comfort, however. There is a vast array of outdoor furniture cushions available today, all of which will increase the comfort and relaxation of your time spent outside.

Cushions for All Types

It doesn't matter what kind of furniture you use outside – there are outdoor cushions for all types of patio furniture, from small metal chairs to large rattan or teak loungers. You can even find a replacement outdoor chair cushion for a set you already have, though this may take some online research and may require buying used if the line is discontinued.

If you can't find a patio furniture cushion set you like, consider purchasing material and having cushions custom made. Or, if you're crafty, you could even make them yourself. Just remember that your outdoor cushions will be exposed to heat and moisture, so make sure you choose a material that can withstand both.

Caring for Your Cushions

One of the difficult things about maintaining your patio chair cushions is that the sun, rain and other elements tend to wear them down. It's not long before the fabric is faded or the stuffing has started to come out along the seams. However, you can take steps to prevent premature aging of your outdoor furniture cushions.

Try to keep your cushions out of direct sunlight, which rapidly fades them. Keeping your furniture in a shaded or covered area will also protect it from rain or other seasonal weather, which will help to extend your cushion's lifespan. There are sprays available to help maintain the integrity of the fabric. Scotch Guard is quite effective in protecting outdoor cushions.

Also, just like you do with mattresses, remember to flip your patio furniture cushions regularly, especially during the summer months when they see the heaviest use. This will prevent them from getting pits or dents and help them wear more evenly.

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