Outdoor Covers

Protect your patio

You love the outdoors. You love working in your garden, barbecuing on your grill or just relaxing on your patio. Chances are, you have a lot of outdoor possessions such as your patio furniture and grill, and you'll want to protect them from extreme weather. Sounds like you need outdoor covers.

When selecting an outdoor patio furniture cover, it's important to not just choose a good quality cover, but one that is right for you. Obviously, you will want an outdoor furniture cover that is made of a waterproof material, is easy to keep clean and won't turn hard and brittle in the sun. 300D polyester is a good choice. PVC vinyl, of a kind that is specifically intended for outdoor use, can also be an excellent choice. Both will not absorb water and resist mold and mildew. Outdoor furniture covers should have vents for proper air flow as well. These will help dry any moisture that might be trapped under the cover (for example, if the rain started before you managed to put the outdoor chair cover on) and will also keep the cover from blowing off in strong winds.

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