Indoor Gardening

Flowers outside and in

Are you one of the many people in this world who rents an apartment? What about someone with a busy schedule and no inclination to slave over a flowerbed in the heat? Or, do you just like hothouse flowers all year round?

No matter what kind of gardener you are, indoor gardening allows you to enjoy tending to your greenery any time you like, from the comfort of your own home. With indoor gardening, anyone can have a garden - whether you live on the top floor of a high-rise or in a large home with several green houses.

Gardening Inside

You can grow just about anything inside, as long as it can be easily grown in a flower pot. Many people grow tropical flowers or start seedlings for the next year in containers over the winter. This practice allows them to save money on plants and carefully control the growing conditions of their vegetation. Some people even grow vegetables indoors.

Make sure you choose containers that have a good drainage system. Additionally, keep on top of the environmental conditions in your home - you may find that you'll have to move plants around to different windows to see where they do best. Potted plants will need more fertilizing and watering than plants in a flowerbed. You can startgardening with kids by having them grow a seedling in a pot, then planting it outdoors when the weather gets warmer.

Green House Gardening

If you're lucky enough to own a green house, you can grow fresh flowers and vegetables year round. Green houses are heated glass structures - you can heat it with a traditional heater or you can use solar heating to keep the temperature warm. Green houses come with the ability to control the humidity, so if you have tropical plants, for example, you can adjust the humidity to cater to them.

A good rule to remember about green houses is that if you don't make it happen, it won't happen itself. This goes for pollination and fertilization - you must do the work if you want your plants to thrive, since they won't always do so naturally.

You can install a watering system in your green house or do the watering yourself - the former is probably the cheaper option, since you can control how much water gets expelled from the sprinklers and when to turn it on and off.

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