Garden Plants

What plants do you want in your garden?

The most common mistakes people make when they decide to create a colorful garden is in the care and upkeep, as well as the right plants to include in the landscaping. There are so many plants to choose from, such as bulb garden plants, exotic garden plants, rock garden plants, shade garden plants and water garden plants, to name a few.

There are five things you want to consider before you even turn that first shovelful of dirt:

  1. Do you want perennial plants or annual plants?
  2. Does your garden have the right amount of sun or shade?
  3. Is the ground well drained or waterlogged?
  4. Is the area sheltered or windswept?
  5. Is the PH level right for the plants we select?

Taking these questions into consideration will ensure that you choose the right plants for your garden. It will help you get shade-loving plants for the shady areas and sun-loving plants for the sunny areas. If the soil is waterlogged or well-drained, you'll be able to find the right plants for those areas as well. If you purchase a PH testing kit – and it's highly recommended that you do – you'll be able to tell how acidic or basic the soil is. Once you know the PH level of the soil, you can purchase the right materials to amend it and then choose your plants according to the other criteria.

Next you need to make the decision on how to plant your plants. Do you want to plant them in groups or individually? Don't forget to consider the different heights of your plants. The best recommendation is to leave the plants in their pots and set them around in the garden plot to see how you want to arrange them. This will save you a lot of grief in the long run. Always have a plan and a back-up, just in case.

Typically, you will want your taller plants to the rear, decreasing in size as you move towards the front of the plot. However, if the garden is in the middle of the yard surrounded by lawn, then you will want the taller plants to the center of the plot. You can achieve a delightful look by choosing a nice variety of colors, and since no two varieties of plant bloom at the same time, you'll be rewarded with different stages of color throughout out the season.

Some plants also have different colored foliage (gray, purple, silver, etc.), and that can be just as eye-appealing as the blooms themselves. Take care to plant your garden away from shrubs and trees, as they will steal the flowers' nutrients and water supply.

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