Wood Fences

What you need to know

Building a wood fence can be a challenge if you haven't taken a stab at it before, and you may be tempted to hire the professionals to do it, but it really doesn't have to be that difficult. It depends a lot on the type of wood fence that you want. There are primarily two types of wood fences – custom wood fences and privacy wood fences. You just need to decide on the type that will complement your house and yard best.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself. Do you want the ultimate in privacy and home protection? Would you prefer a beefier wood fence for security reasons? Wood fences are not just for security purposes; they can add to the appearance of your garden and yard as well. The choices in wood fences are many – you just need to be careful selecting that wood fence for your home.

How do you know which fence will complement your home?

Your standard picket and white classic wood fences are the two most popular across the United States. There are user-friendly, build-it-yourself fence kits that come with a warranty and are spaced and trimmed accurately. They even come with the tools necessary to construct them. Most of these kits have the most current wood fence designs.

What do you need for building a wood fence?

There are several factors that you need to consider before beginning construction on that fence. There are certain areas that have local anti-fencing laws and zoning ordinances for the types of fences you can and can't install. Local laws in some areas forbid homeowners from building a fence around their homes. In most cases, permits are required. Due diligence and research are necessary evils. Study up on the types of wood, style of fences, special product features, vendors (and their reliability), pricing and of course, the ordinances and permitting necessary.

Do they really sell fence kits?

Yes they do, and quite nice ones at that. There are books on how to build a wood fence, wood fence design, and so on. Normally, wood fence kits can be purchased at a local hardware store. They can also be purchased online from the manufacturer. You can always consult your phone book for all the local vendors, too. In this instance, it is recommended that you don't buy your fence online since you really can't see the quality of the wood until it arrives.

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