Tiki Huts

It's a jungle out there

Turn your garden into your own private jungle sanctuary by installing a handcrafted tiki hut. It will provide a place for entertaining family and friends during those warm summer days. At night, turn your hut into a place of enchantment by stringing up outdoor lights or lanterns. You can even line the path to your tiki hut with tiki lights for a true tropical experience.

Your little oasis in the sun

Tropical tiki huts are a great addition to your garden. Built from all-natural materials, they'll fit right in with the natural surroundings.

They are available with different styles of roofs, so you can choose one that fits your taste. Thatched palapa roofs are composed of overhanging palapa leaves that will provide privacy for those inside the hut. A bamboo reed thatched roof is cut clean around the edges so that you'll always have the perfect view of your garden.

Tiki huts are also available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one as large or small as you desire. If you don't have the space for a full-blown tiki hut, you can opt for a tiki umbrella. Tiki umbrellas, made with real bamboo reed thatch, have the look and feel of a real tiki hut but without the cost. They add a touch of island style to any outdoor patio furniture.

Environmentally friendly

Many tiki huts are built from durable and functional bamboo. Aside from its beauty and versatility, bamboo is a very environmentally friendly material. Bamboo may look like a type of wood, but it is actually a form of grass. This is an important concept because like grass, bamboo has the ability to grow very quickly. With this wonderful characteristic, bamboo is in no risk of becoming endangered. In fact, many types of bamboo are capable of growing up to 18 inches a day!

Aside from being used as resource in the place of other endangered woods, bamboo has its own beauty and grace. The glossy bamboo chutes can be used for the floor and walls of the tiki hut and topped with a bamboo reed thatched roof. The classic bamboo gives the hut a very Polynesian feel that has been enjoyed for years and years. You can incorporate modern touches into the hut by adding benches, stools or a bar table for a real tropical paradise.

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