Patio Privacy Screens

Keep your neighbors' eyes out

Do you love the idea of relaxing on your patio, yet avoid it because your neighbors live just a little too close? Do you feel as if you're onstage when lounging on your patio? Privacy patio screens will block all but the most determined prying eyes. A privacy screen can even block heavy wind, while still being open enough to allow light, cooling breezes through. By using a patio privacy screen, you won't have that boxed-in feeling you'd get from turning your patio into another room by putting up glass walls and a roof.

Outdoor privacy screens can be permanent, or you can use portable folding privacy screens. You may also consider getting permanent garden privacy screens, or trellises with vines growing on them, ensuring your privacy while gardening.

While you may want to build permanent outdoor privacy screens around your patio and garden, you will still most likely want folding privacy screens, as these will give you the freedom to move about your property while still maintaining privacy. Stylish indoor and outdoor privacy screens are available also. They are highly portable and a screen can be chosen to accent any decor.

For your permanent outdoor privacy screens, you may choose to buy ready-to-assemble patio screens, hire a carpenter or even build them yourself. If you're accomplished enough in working with wood to have built, say, your own trellises or balcony railings, a permanent privacy screen will be just as straightforward.

You can mount your privacy screen to your patio, where it will be very similar structurally to a railing, or you can drive stakes into the ground, basically making a taller fence with balusters that are closer together. Balusters, when placed close together, will look almost as opaque as a wall from a distance, while still allowing you to see through them to the outside world.

For some locations, a trellis planter may be an ideal solution. It will be more opaque than vertical balusters once your plants start growing, but maybe your plants will make for a better view than the neighbors, anyway! The lattice work will encourage your plants to climb, providing you with both privacy and an elegant outdoor setting to socialize or just to relax. Ultimately, you'll want a combination of trellis planters, built-in privacy screens and folding privacy screens to satisfy your outdoor privacy needs.

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