Patio Covers

Protect your investment with patio covers

You've worked hard to make your patio a very special oasis, a place where you can get away from "the real world" and relax in the sun. But you may not realize that your patio doesn't necessarily love Mother Nature as much as you do – rain, sun, snow, hail and other elements can wreak havoc on your patio surface and furniture. Safeguard your special spot with patio covers or enclosures.

Patio Furniture and Covers

You can purchase waterproof, UV-treated covers to fit individual pieces of furniture; these are usually made of vinyl. Look for covers that have some sort of fastening system, be it Velcro or snaps, so the cover will fit the furniture snugly. Costs usually range from $25 to $50 per cover.


Give your patio a bit more protection - and a touch of elegance – with a partial patio cover. Vinyl or fabric awnings are a practical yet inexpensive way to protect your patio area from sun and rain. Awnings are attached directly to your house; most fabric or vinyl awnings can be retracted when you want to enjoy direct sunshine. Some even have motors and sensors that automatically deploy the awning when the sun is at its strongest!

You can also cover your patio with a natural or synthetic wood enclosure, which will bring even more natural beauty to your space. Though beautiful, a natural wood cover or awning can be high-maintenance; it will need to be weather-proofed and checked for termites regularly, usually on an annual basis.

Patio Room Enclosures

If want complete protection, considering enclosing your entire patio. Screened patio enclosures turn your outdoor room into a bug-free haven – imagine being able to feel the breeze on your face without swatting bugs from your arms and legs! However, if you live in a climate that gets very hot or very cold, a screen will not completely protect your patio from Nature. The cost of patio privacy screens varies greatly, but will usually cost at least a few thousand dollars.

For supreme comfort, you may want to enclose your patio in glass. This not only helps regulate temperature, but allows you to enjoy scenery and sunlight year-round. While using glass to turn your patio into a sunroom will increase the value of your home, it will cost much more than furniture covers or patio screens. Consider it a home investment.

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