Hot Tubs

Jet your troubles – and sore muscles – away

Hot tubs are often considered just a complement to swimming pools, but they can actually be an excellent home addition in themselves. Hot tub spas are built to heighten relaxation, with features such as easy-to-use temperature controls, multiple settings for the whirlpool jets and ergonomic structure for comfortable seating. Today's hot tubs offer an escape unto themselves; they are an oasis, a place to unwind and treat weary muscles after a long day.

About Hot Tubs – Not Just a Pool Accessory

Hot tubs are more customizable these days than they've ever been in the past. No longer a tiny square in the ground next to your pool, most hot tubs now sit above ground or within a deck and are often their own attraction.

High-end hot tubs include jets that offer full-body therapeutic massages and can be customized to accommodate up to six individuals. Internal and external lights are also available to promote a relaxing ambiance while the hot tub is in use.

Portable hot tubs offer the spa experience with none of the hassle or patience required for a built-in tub. Many can be set up in as little as half an hour. Portable hot tubs can either have a wood frame or be entirely inflatable. They are considerably cheaper than permanent spas, offer the same benefit of hot water massage jets and can be moved anywhere at any time.

Keeping Your Hot Tub in Shape

Maintaining the health of your hot tub is just as important as figuring out what features you need and is relatively simple to do. You will need to invest in both a hot tub cover and hot tub chemicals to keep the pH balance of your water where it needs to be for greatest comfort. There are several kinds of hot tub covers to pick from, so it will be up to you to decide whether you need a soft top or a hard top cover. The chemicals needed to maintain the water of your hot tub don't vary much from spa to spa and are available at your local pool store.

Like all mechanical devices, hot tubs may break down from time to time. It is best to have regular maintenance performed on your spa to prevent any major problems down the line. Keep the number of a local contractor that specializes in hot tub repair on hand.

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