Garden Sheds

More than just garden storage

We've all had to do it - finding garden tools in the depths of the dreaded backyard storage shed. You never know what you might find: mice, insects and mold all lurk in garden sheds. However, your shed doesn't have to be a dingy building banished to the back of your garden - in fact, it can be the focal point of your yard. It doesn't only have to hold your garden tools and lawnmower, either; many people build garden sheds to serve as extensions of their home. For instance, garden sheds are commonly used as a studio, a guest house, a cabana and even a chapel!

Tool Sheds

A tool shed is the simplest form of shed - it's inexpensive and easy to build. These sheds are often your typical aluminum, wooden or metal garden sheds, but they can be customized to emulate the décor of your home or even match a theme that you might have running through your garden. Inside, you can have built-in options, like a garden hose storage system or hooks to hang your tools on. Some people even build a workbench in their garden shed - it's all in what you need to store.

If you don't want to build a shed permanently in your yard, you can erect a temporary option, like a vinyl shed, which helps if you need to store items for a short period of time. These also tend to be the smallest sheds, often having dimensions no bigger than 8 feet by 6 feet. They're commonly known as utility sheds and they generally serve one purpose: to store your tools and other instruments for lawn care and maintenance.

Guest and Playhouses

Are you a person who frequently entertains? If you are, you might find that you have several overnight guests. Instead of scrounging around the house for extra blankets and pillows, why not turn your garden shed into a guest house? Many companies will build you a 10 x 14 shed that can be used as storage and as a backyard cottage for your visitors to sleep in. These sheds often come fully insulated, so that your guests won't freeze, and can be customized with windows and exterior décor to match your own home or garden. However, before you build a guest house, make sure that you have all of the permits you may require to build this type of structure. Always check with the city to make sure that you're not breaking any rules.

If you have children, a backyard playhouse can be just the thing they need to fire their imaginations up. Many online companies create beautiful masterpieces that not only adorn your garden, but also create a fairytale castle for your children to dream in. These tend to have a large price range, with the fancier options priced on the high side. However, playhouses serve more than one purpose: when the kids aren't using it in the winter, you can store all their outdoor toys until the weather gets warm again.

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