Garden Fences

What you need to know

A great number of gardeners like to place fencing in their gardens. It can be a great way to add charm and character to a garden design. Plus, since there are dozens of garden fence designs available, putting in a garden fence works to personalize a garden.

Garden Fence Designs

If you are thinking about getting a garden fence, you need to think about garden fence designs as well as the design style of your garden. Consider the type of garden you have and what it contains before making a decision about garden fences. If your garden contains only flowers, vegetables, trees and / or shrubbery, your choice among garden fences is larger.

However, if you have any of the following design elements in your garden, you will need to match the style of the garden fence design you choose to the style of the design element:

  • Any type of trellis, including a trellis arbor
  • Large boulders or stones used as a design element
  • Statues of any kind
  • A pond or waterfall
  • Any other garden design element that stands out or is a focal point

You will also need to consider the look of your home and yard area when choosing garden fence designs, especially if you already have a fence in another part of your yard.

Garden Fence Plans

You can get ideas for garden fence plans from gardening magazines and books at your local library or you can look online. The plans you find can be used to show a contractor what type of garden fence design you want. If you are handy, though, you might be able to use a set of garden fence plans to build a fence yourself.

This will not work for some types of fencing, though. For example, a country garden design made with fence tubes may be too difficult for you to do on your own. Fence tubes are molded tubes into which concrete is poured. A country garden fence tube design style would need to be built by someone who has extensive experience with concrete work.

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