Formulate a deck plan

Once you decide that you want to build a deck in your backyard, you need to consider the different types that can be built before developing a deck plan. Deck building is not as difficult as some people make it out to be. However, it does take some planning and research so that the deck comes out looking like the picture of it that you fell in love with. Deck plans can be found by searching the Internet, so it shouldn't be too challenging to find the right deck design for you.

There are five basic types of structures involved in deck building:

  • Barbeque decks. This provides you with the opportunity of cooking those steaks the right way without feeling trapped in your kitchen. With the recent grilling renaissance that has grown in popularity, the barbeque deck has become extremely popular. Composite materials that look like wood are recommended for this type of deck, as there are all types of spills incurred when cooking.
  • Free-standing decks. Decks that are not attached to anything are usually the easiest to construct. You don't need to attach them to the house, remove any siding or risk damaging your house while you are building it. Plan these decks carefully, since they will need structural support on all sides. And make sure that you install a deck drainage system as well.
  • Pool decks. Building a deck around your pool adds a nice touch. This is especially true when you have an above-ground pool such as a Doughboy. Decking that is composed of a smooth, satiny material is recommended since the decking needs to accommodate bare (sometimes tender) feet. Newer composite materials are designed in certain textures for pool decking.
  • Porch decks. Porch decks are an excellent choice for more rural homes or houses that are surrounded by a lot of land. These decks will give a rural home that Little House on the Prairie feel, just without the horses and wagons. And chances are you'll have indoor heating.
  • Second-story decks. These decks prove that decks don't have to be on the ground. Second-story decks are great for parties, and depending on the topography of the land that the house is built on, they can double as a carport. In rural mountain homes, these decks are ideal.

Make sure no matter where you live or what type of deck you build that you install a deck drainage system. This is especially important if you construct the deck using real wood and not a composite material.

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