Backyard Fences

Keep pets in and outsiders out

It has been suggested in some quarters that good fences make good neighbors. The implication is that clear boundaries will keep neighbors from imposing on each other. A backyard fence can do much more than that, however. Considering the vast number of backyard fence designs to choose from, the decorative possibilities of backyard fences are almost innumerable.

Do you have a pet? Does your pet like to wander? They all do. Although dogs and cats are territorial, both like to explore. Both are also at risk for getting into fights with other animals, or worse – getting into fights with automobiles. Dogs are particularly prone to this, and they invariably lose. A fenced-in backyard can turn all those cars and wild animals into good neighbors for your pet, who will have the satisfaction of having plenty of space to run and play, yet not enough space to get in trouble.

When considering backyard fence designs, think not only of how you want your fence to look, but what you want it to do. Is it designed to keep your pets in and safe? Then don't design a backyard wood fence with balusters far enough apart for your pet to sneak through. Also, make it high enough they can't climb or jump over it. Want privacy? Consider only the backyard fence designs that are opaque enough and tall enough to keep prying eyes out. Additionally, garden-raiding animals, such as rabbits, won't exactly relish the prospect of being fenced in with your dog or cat.

Backyard fences can be made of a number of materials, such as metal, wood or PVC. Your choice of material may be affected by the style of fence you wish to have. Chain link fences are effective at keeping pets in, and larger garden pests out, but aren't terribly attractive and provide no privacy. Wood is the traditional material of choice, and wood fences can be built to serve any function or match any decor.

You can realize your backyard fence designs by building your backyard fences yourself, installing predesigned fences or hiring a contractor to design and build your fence.

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