Garden Arbors

Relax in your heaven within a heaven

Even in the peaceful setting of a thriving garden, a retreat to read a book, listen to the birds sing or even take a nap is always appreciated by any avid gardener. An arbor provides a place to relax in the sunshine or shade and enjoy all the hard work that you put into your garden every season. As well, an arbor can be an entrance to different parts of your garden and is also known as a trellis.

An arbor can serve as a window to your earthly and botanical delights or have a loveseat, outdoor sofa or swing surrounded by trees for a quiet spot away from the world. Arbors that serve as gateways to different parts of the garden are made of wood, wrought-iron, powder-coated steel, bamboo, or strong plastic. They can be attached to a gazebo or other garden structures and are normally installed in the ground or mounted on stone platforms. Some arbors hold up better than others - if you want it to be a permanent structure, metal garden arbors will last longer than wooden ones.

Arbors sometimes come as kits that include attachable gates, trellises and fences so that you can build your arbor to your own specifications. You can plant any climbing flower in order to lend a romantic air to your retreat. Roses are a popular choice as well as climbing vines like clematis and ivy. Some people build an arbor as a place to grow a vegetable or herb garden. Consider your space and your garden's running themes for ideas on what to plant.

Think about what kind of mood you want to set within your arbor and it will guide you as to how your space should look and even the type of material you will want to build it out of. For example, wrought-iron can carry a Victorian theme, especially when put together with a few pieces like gazing balls or sundial and a romantic garden bench, ringed with birch trees.

The floor of an arbor is normally crushed gravel or wood chips, but you can decide to pave it with decorative patio stones or even leave it grassy. Arbors in old-time gardens used to be paved with mosaic; if you can afford this or have the time to put it together, it can create a stunning effect in your garden.

Sometimes, a cunning path of stepping stones leading to your arbor can create a sense of excitement and imagination for your visitors, especially if they're children. If you have kids, why not create an arbor as a playhouse or fairy castle?

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