Aluminum Deck Railing

A low-maintenance alternative to wood

Traditionally, deck railings are made of wood, but wood is a very high-maintenance material for a deck, especially because it will constantly be exposed to the elements. On the other hand, an aluminum deck railing or some aluminum deck railing components may be excellent low-maintenance alternatives.

Aluminum deck railing components won't rot, splinter or warp as wood inevitably does. Aluminum also doesn't rust and will maintain its appearance almost indefinitely. The powder coatings on aluminum deck railings are basically an anodized coating (metal bonding to metal) and won't deteriorate or peel over time, as they're part of the metal. Do you have any indestructible aluminum cookware, such as Calphalon? The coating is similar to the kind of powder coating used on aluminum deck railing.

When considering deck railing designs, obviously your first priority is to choose a design that complements the style of your house. At first thought, the idea of aluminum deck railing might evoke a mental picture of a sleek, modern Frank Lloyd Wright house. If your house is more old-fashioned or ornate, as many houses are, you can still find deck railing ideas that will complement your home's styling and still feature aluminum deck railing components. They might even be made entirely of aluminum. If your house is painted white, or has white aluminum siding for example, a white picket deck railing design would complement its appearance.

Perhaps your house has a natural wood finish exterior, or natural wood accents. Consider a combination of wood and aluminum deck railing components such as wood frames with aluminum balusters. Balusters are the most numerous of components, and also the most irritatingly complicated to refinish. Why not consider balusters that will never need refinishing? An anodized black baluster will look great with natural or stained wood finishes, making for a stylish yet durable deck railing design. Aluminum balusters are available in several colors, and can thus complement your choice of wood and finish. You can choose a color and style to complement redwood, cyprus, cedar, pressure-treated wood or composite materials.

All things considered, aluminum deck railing designs, or a combination of aluminum and wood deck railing components, are an ideal way to put together a beautiful deck railing that also requires very little maintenance.

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