Outdoor Lighting

Light the way to garden grandeur

Lighting is so important to all aspects of life; it allows you to enjoy doing your favorite activities long into the dark of the night. If you want to create a romantic mood or a party atmosphere, proper garden lights make the job much easier. You could even create a light garden, showcasing all of your beautiful plants and decor. With outdoor lighting, you can enjoy those gentle summer evenings longer with a variety of options.

Lamp Posts

Lamp posts normally are made in several different designs, including Venetian, Dutch and Victorian. They come in a variety of materials, including wrought-iron. A European lamp post normally is made with one or several light globes and starts at about $130. If the post has multiple globes and arms, the price will go up.

Often, you will have to install a lamp post into the ground, but you can get them with weighted bases so that they're easily moved around. Some lamp posts may have a planter base so that you can plant some pretty flowers and watch them illuminate under the soft light. Others will have a sculpture embracing or holding the post. Lamp posts may run on kerosene or lamp oil, but most are electrically fueled.

Torches and Candles

If you're tired of swatting mosquitoes and gnats, you can buy citronella torches or candles to eliminate the annoying insect traffic. Citronella torches normally punch straight into the dirt and, depending on the strength of the citronella, have the capacity to keep insects away from a big area on your deck. These are great, along with the use of DEET bug spray or lotion, for keeping away West Nile mosquitoes. You can make your own citronella candles or buy them in a variety of colors, sizes and designs for your next barbecue.

Candles come in numerous sizes, shapes and designs. A beautiful way to provide soft light is to fill a clear glass bowl with water and create a centerpiece by lighting a few floating candles. There are many outdoor chandeliers and sconces that will provide ambience to any outdoor gathering without having to spend a lot of money.

Outdoor Light Strings

Although these can be considered a bit kitsch, a fun way to light an outdoor party is to string paper or plastic outdoor lights around your deck. Whether it's paper lanterns or red chili peppers, you'll always be able to see your way to having fun with light strings. They're normally quite cheap - around $10 to $20 for a single string, so outdoor lighting is easy. They're also a fun decoration for indoor rooms as well.

Solar Lighting

If you're worried about your electric bill, you might consider lighting your garden with lamps powered by the sun. These lights typically include a solar panel that collects sunlight during the day in order to power the light fixture at night. Solar lights can include anything from a typical lamp post to pool lights in all different colors. They're functional, beautiful and keep your hydro costs down. What a wonderful way to light up your yard!

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