Gazing Balls & Stones

Reflect your garden's beauty in all directions

On a starlit summer night, you can creep out to the garden and look into the gazing ball to see your future and the reflection of the fairy lights in the sleeping flowers.

Another magical part of a beautiful garden, gazing balls were originally made to scare away predators that might want to eat small birds. The reflection would frighten and confuse them and they would stay away from the birds' nests. Some people still use gazing balls for that reason, but many others have them because they add sparkle and color to a garden all year round.

Gazing balls can stand alone in a garden or be a part of garden statues , weather vanes , lightning rods and garden fountains. A gazing ball is essentially a simple reflective sphere. It can be made out of blown glass or out of unbreakable materials like stainless steel or copper. The orbs can lend depth and reflection to an inside room, but outside in a garden, they truly come into their own, sparkling in the light and reflecting all of your beautiful foliage.

Gazing balls are also known as witch balls and friendship balls. They have a long and mystical history. The balls started out by being hung in windows of cottages in Europe in order to scare away bad spirits. The orbs, made of swirled blown glass, were brought to North America in the 19 th century and people began to put them in gardens as part of the decor. Legend says that if you look into a gazing ball at the right time, you can see your future. They're truly a magical accessory and will incite lots of talk from visitors.

Some people say that in the gardens of earlier times, gazing balls were considered to be objects of good luck and different colors meant different things. At weddings, people would throw red balls at the new couple's house to wish them love and faith in their new marriage. Even if you don't believe in any of these legends, the glow of light through a hanging gazing ball can awaken the imagination. Who knows - you may just see more than your reflection in the colored glass or steel.

You can get a gazing ball as part of any garden accessory, but they are especially popular on lightning rods. Some rods come as a do-it-yourself package and include mix and match pieces with gazing balls. You can also find them as a part of a sculpture or indoor figurine. Gazing balls by themselves look great indoors as part of your home decor, adding a bit of color to a boring room.

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