Garden Signs and Markers

Point the way to happiness

Your garden is your domain - you've put a lot of work into personalizing it. It has all your favorite flowers, statues, and structures. It's set up just the way you want it. Now, what's the finishing personal touch? Why not a garden sign? Nothing says that this space is yours better than a sign telling people so. Garden signs are a perfect way to stake out your territory while providing a whimsical aspect to your garden.

Garden signs and markers are made of wood, resin, stone, brass or aluminum, and are often mounted on a pole or lie directly on the soil. They can carry literally any inscription, from a poem about the garden to labels for all your different flowers. Markers can include anything from pet tombstones to stepping stones.

Many people use garden signs in their other decor, such as markers that read their house numbers or signs for "beware of dog" or "private drive." You may also see "crossing" signs that can be for animals, birds and children. Anything you want to say can be written on a sign. It's been said that garden signs give visitors a sense of comfort and charm when they read a garden sign. One popular inscription for religious gardeners is the "Kiss of the Sun" which gives visitors a spiritual boost among the blooms.

You can find garden signs at any garden or gift store - they make a great gift for any gardener in your life. You can also make your own garden sign and really personalize your yard!

How to Make Your Own Garden Sign or Marker

You will need:

  • Two pieces of wood, sanded smooth. One should be about 10 inches long by four or five inches wide, the other should be about one to two inches long by three inches wide with a pointed tip
  • Hammer and two good-sized nails
  • Paints and paintbrushes
  • Jewels or decorations that can be easily glued onto the sign
  • Wood glue
  • Varnish, if desired

Start by sanding your pieces of wood so that there are no splinters or raised areas. Nail the two pieces together so that the longer piece is vertical and the smaller horizontally attached. Paint your favorite inscription onto the sign, then glue on the jewels and decorations with wood glue. Let dry, then varnish so that the weather won't wear away the paint. Drive the sign into your preferred spot in the garden and enjoy!

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