Garden Sculptures

Add a theme to your yard with well-chosen sculptures

The magic of a garden is conducted by its protectors. Some folk tales tell of guardians of trees and flowers, a mix of good and evil that made time spent in the garden enchanting and mysterious. Whether you believe in magical dryads or just solid good care, your garden can always benefit from the beauty and charm of sculptures amongst your well-tended flowers.

Like statues, sculptures can take the form of pretty much anything you can imagine, from life-size figures to tiny mice or insects. Most people enjoy garden gnomes or woodland creatures, especially deer or rabbits.

The newest trend in sculptures is to group graceful statues of cranes or other water birds around a water feature, such as a pond or a bird bath. Many fountains and ponds will include sculptures that you can arrange around your yard.

Frog on The Ball Statue

Smaller sculptures are best suited to low areas of vegetation, while larger, life-size statues can be placed as a focal point in your yard. It's up to you where you put your statues, but remember; careful placement will not only make your yard more beautiful, it could protect your sculpture from hazards like weather and theft.

Sculptures can be made of bronze, brass or stone, like statues. Bronze, a term that covers all copper-based metal alloys, is an especially good metal for the outdoors because it's extremely hardy and resistant to the elements. Brass sculptures can come in two styles, bronze or verdigris, which is a metal with a greenish tinge - you've seen this if you've ever seen an old copper roof. An iron sculpture will rust appealingly, adding color and texture to your garden.

Choosing a bronze or brass sculpture will ensure that you'll have a piece of art that will weather attractively, but keep in mind that a statue of this medium is quite expensive. A bronze sculpture will start at around $3500, but if you feel your garden's worth it, you'll have a beautiful piece of art that will be the focal point of your botanical masterpiece.

If you choose a stone sculpture, you don't have to worry too much about the cost. A small sculpture starts at $40, which makes it a great gift for a housewarming. It weathers well and won't crack or break in cold temperatures, which means that you can "plant it and forget it". Why not include a stone sculpture as part of a flowerbed arrangement? Letting moss or ivy grow over your statue makes it more beautiful and gives your garden a mature look.

No matter what sort of sculpture you choose, your garden will always have character that will make it a conversation point for the whole neighborhood. If you're worried about leaving your new friends outdoors, you can bring them inside and create an outdoor theme in your living room.

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