Garden Benches

The seat of romance

Garden structures are an important part of making your green space inviting to visitors and children. The sight of cool arbors under some tall birch trees or a covered pergola does a lot to make people feel at home in your yard. Garden benches are an important part of outdoor decor - where else can you sit down for a romantic tryst or rest your legs after a long day tending your plants? Benches are a place to sit and dream, meet a friend, watch the sunset and admire the hard work you've put into your garden.

Benches come in a variety of different types and styles. Bench seating options can vary, too. For example, you can have a backless bench, perfect for an open space where the sitter can position himself at any angle to view any part of the yard.

A typical garden bench seats two or three and has a supporting back so that sitters are positioned one way, towards an inviting view or object like waterfalls or ponds. Planter benches allow you to surround your bench with beautiful flowers and greenery. You can also have benches that glide or swing, which is perfect for a verandah or deck setting, or a storage bench for your pool deck to store accessories under an attractive seat. Whatever you use your bench for, you'll be providing a comfortable spot for all your visitors to rest and enjoy your yard.

Benches are made of different materials, like stone, wood, iron or aluminum. You can buy a bench that's simple or ornate - slatted, solid or carved. A popular romantic accent to a garden is a wrought-iron bench that circles a tree. If you're looking for a more natural look, benches built into cedar decks or structures with climbing plants continue your garden's organic look to the structures. Many people memorialize their garden bench with an inscription or plaque commemorating an important person in their lives. Memorial benches, however, are found more in park settings, although they are becoming popular for personal gardens.

The price for garden benches can range anywhere from $100 to $900, depending on size and materials. If your garden bench is on the more expensive side, you might want to consider purchasing a weatherproof cover to protect it from the rain and snow. Conversely, you can bring your bench in when winter comes to protect the metal or wood from the cold and ice.

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