Wind Chimes

Listen to the garden's wind song

If you've ever experienced that quiet, somnolent period between lunchtime and late afternoon, with the sun warm and the wind gentle, then you know the value of relaxing in your garden. The soundtrack to this relaxation time can be composed out of the placid, random notes of a wind chime.

Wind chimes are the perfect gift for any new gardener or Zen practitioner. Paired with some artificial rocks or small wall fountains, you'll be well on your way to a well-deserved nap with these garden elements.

Wind chimes are equally appealing indoors and out. They're actually one of the most popular garden decor items on the market today - in fact, about 85 percent of all homes already have a set and it's not unusual to hear the tinkling of a wind chime from several homes in a neighborhood. It can almost be called a summer symphony; and wind chimes have more appeal than just their sound.

Wind chimes are available in aluminum, pewter, brass, bamboo and even glass, all of which offer different tones and sounds, from a gentle tinkling to a long-lasting gong. You'll find wind chimes tuned to produce an amazing spectrum of well-known tunes, from classical symphonies to Balinese puppet plays and even the blues. You can even have your own set of garden bells that sound exactly like cathedral bells! Each wind chime will sound slightly different from another and can seem to sound different with different air pressure and times of day. Nevertheless, the instruments create a sense of peace and gentle relaxation when you're lying in the sun or relaxing on your garden porch.

The sound quality of your wind chimes will be determined by the material and quality of the craftsmanship. The selection of scales and melodies ranges from a peaceful, haunting sound to a joyful, dancing melody. There are many outlets dedicated exclusively to producing the finest quality wind chimes and you can always test them out yourself while you're shopping.

The traditional wind chimes, with several long hanging spherical rods, around a longer wooden wind catcher, often feature special adornments such as hand-carved wind catchers in the shapes of butterflies and hummingbirds, shadow figures, gazing balls, and special brackets. Many different garden musical items like dinner bells, gongs and rain chains can be found from wind chime producers, in many different themes for your own sense of decor.

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