Rain Chains

Don't get washed away

If you're searching for a way of adding more whimsical fun to your garden, then consider getting a rain chain. Rain chains are a unique adaptation to boring, traditional downspouts.

Through a system of interlocking cups or links, they work by breaking the fall of the water and guiding it down towards the ground. The beauty of a rain chain is that you can watch the rain fall down into the garden. They also make a distinctive, enjoyable sound.

They make a unique gift

Unique, hand-crafted rain chains make great gifts for your green-thumbed friends. They are garden decor items that add a touch of elegance to the garden, while remaining highly functional as well. Some rain chains feature open-bottomed cups for the efficient flow of water, which is essential during heavy rainfall. But the best part about rain chains is that you can get rid of those unsightly plastic or metal downspouts!

Many rain chains are made of a high-quality metal such as copper, brass, iron or aluminum. Most companies offer to sell linked rain chains by the foot, so you can order just the right length for your house. Cup rain chains are sold by the cup and are easy to connect and install with a set of pliers.

Cup rain chains offer the most variety when it comes to style and design. You can choose from more traditional patterns such as flower or leaf cups, or go for something more fun like a pineapple or honeybee themed chain. Each one has its own beauty and grace.

Save the rain

If you happen to have a decorative rain gauge in your garden, then you know how much usable water is wasted during a typical rainfall. With the scarcity of water nowadays, it may be wise to invest in a rain barrel. Rain barrels will catch the rain from the end of your rain chain (or downspout) for later use in your home or garden - it's great for watering plants and flowers!

Choose a barrel made of a solid recycled plastic so that it will last for years to come. Also look for a screen lid that prevents debris from entering into the barrel. Other features of a rain barrel can include an overflow tube, a wall attachment, a small hose and spout and outlets to create a series of rain barrels.

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