Outdoor Thermometers

Baby it's cold outside

Wondering if you'll need a coat or hat when you go outside today? How about if the weather is warm enough for a sunbathing session in your backyard?

Get all the temperature news you need with an outdoor thermometer. Normally hung on a wall outside a kitchen window, these devices ensure that you're not going to freeze on a deceptively sunny day, or be overdressed on what looks like a cold rainy morning. You'll also know when it's time to bring in your garden sculptures.

Thermometers are normally made of terra cotta, ceramic, stone, resin, bronze, or copper and are resistant to rain and wind. However, you will want to bring models made of softer stone or clay indoors if you live in a below-freezing climate in the winter because they can suffer damage from the cold temperatures and frozen snow and ice. You can get a thermometer in all sorts of shapes and sizes or in Fahrenheit, Celsius or both.

When choosing your thermometer or outdoor clock, make sure that the materials are weatherproof and fade-resistant - there's no point in having a thermometer if you can't read it. If you're buying a thermometer strictly for decor, this won't matter, but if you're buying it for functionality, you'll want to make sure that the tube that holds the mercury won't fog up or condense in extremely hot or cold temperatures. This means that the tube is not weatherproof and can give you inaccurate readings; plus, you won't be able to see what the mercury reads. This normally is known to happen with cheap models.

Garden thermometers come in many different styles, including some with a bird theme or a country kitchen look. Some clock/thermometer hybrids even sing bird songs or cheerful melodies. Make sure that the decorations and mechanisms are weatherproof so that you don't ruin your new investment with a little water. Mount your thermometer on your wall, window and other garden structures, or even let it sit on your table if you wish.

These, along with mailboxes, make great housewarming gifts for a new homeowner or gardener, and are relatively cheap at online and garden retailers.

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