Mail Boxes - Decorative Residential Boxes

A present for your house

If you've ever enjoyed seeing a whimsical and cute mailbox on the side of the road, or slowed down to take a closer look at a funny-looking letter holder, then you know that mailboxes serve more purpose than just holding your mail. They can really complete a house and garden and tell everyone a little something about the personality of the owner of the house.

Mailboxes, whether traditional or wall mounted, comprise an important part of garden decor; and a mailbox is certainly one of the most fun and inexpensive options for personalizing your house and garden.

Mailboxes come in two forms: traditional or wall-mountable. Traditional mailboxes are those that are mounted on posts, either curb-side or in a garden. These mailboxes, you will find, tend to be more imaginative than wall-mountable ones, simply because as freestanding structures, they can allow function as a lawn ornament for added embellishment. A traditional mailbox looks great next to garden gates or with arbors - you can have a smaller version of your home's mailbox for any potential love letters or messages delivered to your garden. Antique mailboxes are quite popular with Victorian homes.

Wall-mountable mailboxes are more like letter boxes, and you'll see those above the doorbell or on the porch somewhere. These are not always as decorative or creative as traditional mailboxes, but you will find some interesting specimens hanging on the side of some houses.

You can find a mailbox in the shape of just about anything you can think of, from farm animals to trains to traditional hand-painted ones that will carry the theme of your yard. If none of the choices in this vast array of decor options appeals to you, you can have a mailbox custom-made to your specifications. Why not get your family's name or house number engraved or painted on it too? Mailboxes can act as welcome signs for your home, especially when they're surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants representative of your garden. Even commercial mailboxes can have character - it's all in what your taste is. Business mailboxes don't have to be ugly!

Mailboxes exposed to the outdoors, which is most of them, are normally made of powder-coated aluminum, galvanized steel, cast iron, and copper. You'll need to apply a mailbox cover, either one that's chemically-based or a physical cover, to protect your mailbox from the elements. If your mailbox is of painted steel, it will have several coats of sealant to prevent rust. If it is made of wood, it should be thick cedar that's been sealed with waterproof sealant. Snow and ice are hard on mailboxes.

Unfortunately, some people think that mailboxes should be vandalized. To prevent this, install your mailbox about 10 feet away from the street curb to avoid potential accidents with cars, bikes, or the odd passer-by vandal. The ideal location is up near your door where any noise made by vandals can be heard by you. Wall-mountable mailboxes are rarely the victims of vandalism.

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