Garden Apparel

How to dress for your garden

When you think of a gardener's apparel, one image probably comes to mind: the ratty overalls with the mud-stained knees, the holey gloves and the bad sunhat. We can call this style of dress "garden chic," and it's pretty much unavoidable. If someone is actually able to do some gardening while wearing heels and a dress, then we'd love to hear your secret!

But the majority of people know that gardening isn't meant to be glamorous. If you're going to be spending a lot of time gardening in the dirt and sun, then you'll need the right clothing and accessories for the job:

Sun Hats

When gardening for long hours in the hot, summer sun, it's important to protect your head. Sun hats are made of a breathable, lightweight material and feature an extra-wide brim for sun protection. With an adjustable lanyard, you can fasten the hat securely to your head or hang it around your neck when you take a break. Gardening hats need not be boring! Choose one in a bright color to express your vibrant personality.

Gardener's Pants and Vests

Gardener's pants and vests are made of cotton twill fiber for the durability and comfort needed while gardening. Some pants have interior pockets for the insertion of kneepads. The gardening vest is a must-have item for the garden. It's completely functional with an assortment of different-sized pockets to store everything from trowels to tomatoes from your vegetable garden.

Gardening Clogs and Sandals

Comfortable footwear is crucial for working around the yard. Gardening clogs provide all-day comfort and superb ventilation for hot summer weather. They come with a high-density insole and liner for extreme cushioning and easily slide on and off the feet. Gardening sandals provide the same features as clogs, but may be open at the toe or have a strap across the back of the foot to keep the sandals in place. They're typically made of lightweight, EVA foam for comfort and easy cleaning.

Utility Gloves

Garden work gloves will probably prove to be one of the most useful accessories you own. Work gloves will keep your hands and nails clean while you get down and dirty in the soil. Made of soft material on the inside and a durable outer shell, gardening gloves allow you to maintain better grip and control of your gardening tools. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors and can be machine washed. If you'd prefer gloves with one-time-only usage, then you can get a package of disposable nitrile gloves.

Kneeling Pads

Gardening is no sissy job. It takes a lot of back-breaking work and loads of kneeling. However, all this kneeling can cause serious damage to your knees and joints over time, so protect yourself with a garden kneeling pad. Made of a durable foam material, kneeling pads cushion and support your joints to prevent the pain of arthritis or sore muscles. They have a cut-out handle for easy mobility and simply wipe clean.

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