Apple Decor

Bite into this quirky design style

Your kitchen may be the most important room in your house. Think about it, you probably do a lot more than eat there. Even if you have a separate dining room, you most likely reserve it for formal meals, and prefer the cozy familiarity of the kitchen for everyday meals, or just for savoring your morning coffee while reading the paper.

There is more to a kitchen than its layout, shape and appliances. You must consider how you want your kitchen to feel. Given the nature of how most people use their kitchen, a down-home, folksy country feel may suit you best. And what could be more down home and folksy than apple decor? Apple-themed decor doesn't necessarily mean that everything you buy has pictures of apples on it. For example, you might buy plaid curtains and a matching tablecloth; the color scheme suggests apple decor without actually being illustrated with apples.

This, of course, doesn't rule out using actual images of apples as part of your country apple decor. There are many items available that include both. You may also combine apple decor color themes with apple decor featuring images of apples. Indeed, some fabrics exist which combine the two.

If you are planning on accenting your kitchen with apple decor, you will want to be consistent in the style of your kitchen. Cabinetry and furniture should be of an appropriately rustic style. Your choice of wood can enhance the down-home feel of your kitchen. Fine-grained woods are best and easiest to maintain, and a warm, light-colored wood like maple will look great with your apple home decor.

The style of furniture and cabinetry should be appropriately rustic to complement your apple kitchen decor. While most people's idea of rustic cabinetry and furniture is fairly ornate, consider simple, elegant shaker-style furniture and cabinetry. These designs have stood the test of time and will enhance the comfortable feel of your apple kitchen décor. Their simplicity will support your apple-themed accents.

Elaborate your country apple decor theme with the little items that will complete the look, such as ceramic pottery, apple-themed potholders, dishtowels and dishcloths, oven mitts and the like. Don't forget the details!

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